International Women’s Day!

International Women's Day!

A very special date is coming soon in which women are honored.

As a tradition, one of the most beautiful ways to show this admiration is to give them a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Flowers have been faithful companions of this celebration throughout the history, dating back to ancient Greece when flowers were considered as gifts that could favor the fortune of the recipient. This is why through the centuries and the different cultures that have crossed the timeline of history, the flower is known as an emissary of powerful messages, mainly for women.


This tradition that has endured the passage of time and  becoming increasingly stronger for those who wish to celebrate and express admiration to the strongest and most beautiful being  creation requires the best support. For this reason many flower importers around the world feel supported by our company Invos Flowers because we are Flowers Experts to offer the best fresh flowers, with the highest quality standards and can meet the goal of having the best flowers for this beautiful date!


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