Monday, 23 July 2018 16:19

Flower Show In Medellin

Every year in the city of Medellin, Colombia, there is a flower fair, a festival with traditions, design, flowers and roses, where farmers from different regions express their creativity. Within the framework of the fair there are concerts, flower shows and a parade of porters. On the day that this parade takes place, thousands of porters, who are called silleteros ("saddled"), carry large ornaments of flowers on their backs in wooden "saddles" - this is a real sight. In ancient times wooden saddles were used as a vehicle for transporting weights, cargo and people, but later it was transformed into a tool for selling flowers wholesale. Now the platform-silt, decorated with fresh flowers, has become a kind of Colombian brand. And in 1957 was held the first parade of silleteros and since then is the main event of this grandiose show, which attracts hundreds of tourists from different parts of the world.

Flowers, collected in bouquets, are imperceptibly attached to the silks, so that the viewers see only moving flower beds completely covered with plants. Each platform places carefully designed compositions of a certain shade and flavor. Flowers can be used differently, like various garden forms - roses, gladioluses, orchids, carnations and sunflowers, and a wide variety of wild species.
We invite you to visit this unforgettable fair.

It is a pride that many of our suppliers of flowers and roses wholesale actively participate in providing the best flowers and roses in the world in this great event.


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