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The Calendar Of The Flowers

In the whole world is known that the best time to buy flowers or to plant flowers is spring, however there are different times of the year where most different species bloom. It is very important to know what time of year is perfect for each type of flower, in order to organize our purchases of flowers, our plantings in spaces like gardens, or simply to decorate our home, place of work with our favorite flowers.


There are some flowers that are throughout the year in some countries, that is, in any month of the year (from January to December) we find this type of varieties such as: Alstroemeria, aster, carnation, chrysanthemums, gerbera, orchid lilies, roses, statice, tulip.


There are others that only bloom in the months of March and May, better known as spring flowers: azalea, jasmine, lapacho, poppy, sunflower, wax flower at this time there is a lot of water, excellent solar radiation and the temperature is the right one.


Other calls the summer flowers that occur in the months of June and August are: aster, agapanthus, dahlia, dianthus, tuberose, carnation of the poet, tuberose, veronica

The so-called autumn flowers bloom in September and November and are characterized by resisting the strong temperature changes: Bouvardia, lilacs, heather, consolidates, narcissus

The last time of the year is the winter and in the months of December and February in these dates the concentration of cold is greater and the varieties that are given are: amaryllis, anemone, bouvardia, buttercups, leptospermum.


There are several varieties that are repeated at different times of the year and it is said that the months where you can find flowers at their best are the months of April and May, this calendar is taken into account by the establishments for weddings, in some cases. Choose the date of your wedding depending on the time when your favorite flower blooms.

So do not forget this calendar so you can buy your favorite flower



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