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The Flowers of Colombia continue conquering the world market!!!

According to the newspaper “The Economic Note” Colombia is the second exporter of cut fresh flowers with a 15% share of total exports worldwide. The first is the Netherlands.

The main export destinations for Colombian flowers are: USA, Japan, United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands and Russia.


The flowers and foliages represent 3.7% in the value of Colombian exports.

Between the end of January and February 15% and 20% of the total annual production of Colombia is sold on the occasion of Valentine's Day.


Colombia has more than 1,600 varieties of flowers that reach 90 countries around the world.

The wholesale flower varieties exported by Colombia:




Other flowers and buds










Dry Flowers



Floriculture generates 130,000 formal jobs, 65% of employees in this sector are women.

Floriculture represents 16% of the income of the agricultural sector. The regions of Colombia that produce the most flowers are Cundinamarca, Antioquia, with percentages of hectares sown of 69% and 30% respectively.


According to the Ministry of Agriculture, on the occasion of San Valentín, Colombia sold 600 million stems of 1,600 varieties. As for exports, most of these will be for the United States, which is the main market, which will reach 35,000 tons.


In fact, 74% of imported flowers received by the United States in the Valentine's season are from Colombia, which allows roses and Colombian bouquets to have a 59% and 86% share, respectively, in the US market, according to Asocolflores figures.


Source of Information:La Nota Económica  - Cifras Asocolflores.


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