Wednesday, 06 June 2018 18:12

Stabilized flowers - The Best Gift Ever!!!

On this occasion Invos Flowers offers stabilized flowers in bulk, an unforgettable gift for all occasions.




It is a natural product that has undergone a special process to keep its freshness, shine, color and beauty without the need for light or water, stabilized roses are also beautiful, like fresh cut natural ones.


To extend the life of a preserved or immortalized flower, you must follow a few simple steps.


     -Do not expose to direct sunlight

     -Do not bend neither petals, nor foliage

     -Do not place them in places with high humidity

     -They do not need to be watered or put on water

     -Clean the petals better with a dry brush


Ask and order a stabilized rose.This is an innovative concept in which a flower retains its freshness for more than 2 years, depending on the care and environment in which it is located.

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