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Roses in antiquity

Roses – the most appreciated flower among women. Everybody knows that white rose symbolize innocence, red roses – passion, yellow roses – separation.
But it turned out, that historically the symbolism of the flowers had ancient roots.
First information about this wonderful plant dates back from the ancient legends. Iran (Persia) is considered the homeland of roses “Queen of flowers”. Roses are called gul or gulistan in Persian. They bred a wide range of roses different shapes, colours. From the typical to the most exotic varieties.

In the ancient Greece, wreaths of white roses were worn by brides and petals thrown to the newlyweds. Greeks believed that white roses were the result of the foam that covers the birth of Aphrodite goddess of love and beauty. None flower has been given meaning and symbolism such as the rose. In the bud of the rose the Greeks saw the infinity symbol. "rose virgin" were called beautiful young women, remembering that their age and beauty are not durable.

From Greece, the rose went to Rome. And here at the time of the republic, the rose was considered the symbol of strict moral. The ancient Romans believed it was because its courageous soul, so they placed images of rose’s petals in their shields . The Roses served them as an emblem of courage : the famous Roman general Escipion “the African” allowed his soldiers the day of the triumphal entry into Rome, to carry in their hands a bouquet of roses, and to perpetuate their value withdrew the rose’s image from their shields.


*The roses Heliogábalo
 Lawrence Alma-Tadema

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